Change for the Better!

What a wonderful day! Nora and I have been watching coverage of President Obama�s inauguration all day long. It is amazing to watch coverage about politics and have such hope in my heart! I know others are writing these same thoughts much more eloquently than I, so I won�t wax poetic too much more. I am just so excited about the potential of the coming years under new leadership.

I am curious as to what conservatives think of the fanfare of today. I�m sure there are many who will find plenty of bad things to say about President Obama�s inauguration and presidency. I suppose I should change the channel to Fox News to see how the other half is living 

Okay � now on to ho hum type of stuff. I mentioned yesterday that Nora is now sleeping in her own bed. I realized I�d never posted pictures of Nora�s room, so here you go!

Last night, she slept for almost eight hours straight! It is fabulous! In a couple more days, we can take the bassinet out of our room and make her transition to power complete. I will say that despite the fact that she is sleeping better and longer, I do miss having her right next to me. I loved waking up to a little glow-in-the-dark smile from her bassinet. They grow up so fast, right?

4:50 p.m. - January 20, 2009


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