Sweet Rides

The rental car gods have smiled upon me. Actually, I think they may have winked at me. Yesterday, in Atlanta, I was directed to my space in the parking lot, and in it sat a gold Ford Explorer. All of the presets were tuned into rap, R&B and hip hop stations. It was fly. Yeah. Today, I arrived just north of fucking Ophelia to discover I would be cruising in style in a Chevy HHR. I had no idea what that car was until I was right up on it. If you aren�t familiar with this vehicle, it kinda looks like a newer version of the ZZ Top car but without the fancy fiery paint job. Again, very fly.

Little things like that make travel bearable. Well that and overhearing jackasses on their cell phones and then passing unwanted judgment on them. Today�s jackass was yelling at someone, presumably his wife, about their collective future. He spoke boisterously about the future of his career and insisted that whoever he was speaking with get �off their ass and start looking for a consulting gig somewhere damn fast.� The next thing I know, he�s going off about how he�s not respected at his work and goddamnit if it takes two round trip airline tickets to get him where he needs to go he deserves it after 30 years of putting up with their shit. Two labored breaths later he was yelling at the person on the other end of the phone to repeat themselves. He then stood up out of his seat and started pacing. �That�s what I thought you said � you just said that maybe you wouldn�t work for awhile. That has never been the plan and NEVER WILL BE. You understand? Repeat it again, then. You said you weren�t working and that ain�t happening.�

And on and on. I wanted to grab the phone out of his hand and tell whoever was on the other end that they should leave the bastard and do whatever they wanted. Of course I know absolutely nothing about these people, but that brief insight, which coincidentally ended abruptly as he hung up on her, told me enough to know that it didn�t seem a very happy situation. In my world, there is no excuse to hang up on people. That just ain�t right.

Like I said, none of my business. I�m just a lonely business traveler who wants to go home. That won�t happen until Thursday. Sigh. I�ll try to update again tomorrow, though I apologize in advance for the lack of interesting things happening in my life.

Updated 9:44 pm EST

There are ants on my nightstand in my hotel room. Fucking gross. I called the front desk to let them know and almost dropped the phone as I saw one crawling up the phone cord. Ew. So super ew. After I hung up, I looked behind the nightstand to discover a half eaten can of Pringles fallen down behind it. That nasty ant farm is now out in the hallway. So fucking gross. Oh the joys of business travel.

7:05 p.m. - September 13, 2005


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